Biological and Holistic Dentistry

What is Biological and Holistic Dentistry?

As Biological and Holistic Dentists, we share a deep and constant belief in the Hippocratic Oath:  First, do no harmBiological and Holistic Dentistry is concerned with the whole-body effects of dental materials, techniques and procedures. It is fluoride-free, latex-free, metal-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe. Biological Dentistry recognizes that many conventional dental treatments and dental materials placed in the mouth can have toxic effects on other systems in the body. Biological Dentistry is conservative dentistry and the aim is to be minimally invasive yet appropriately aggressive at treating the root cause of dental disease rather than symptoms and restore and sustain optimal health.

+ Mercury Safe Dentistry

+ Galvanic Testing: RITA Meter | Materials Biocompatibility Testing

+ Dental Ozone Therapy

+ Biological Periodontal Therapy

+ Biological Oral Surgery

+ Metal-free Dental Implants

In addition, Holistic Dentistry understands how the toxic effects of existing dental work, mercury-amalgam fillings, root canals infections, past teeth extractions, failed orthodontic treatment, malocclusion, TMJ and airway problems can disrupt the body’s normal health and function. Drs. Kinneys carefully work with like-minded holistic healthcare professionals to analyze material biocompatibility, provide nutritional support, and prescribe systemic detoxification steps to help remove toxins from the body and improve our patient’s quality of life.

Many doctors and patients alike are embracing the holistic philosophy of treating the whole person – and dentistry should be no exception! Holistic Dentistry is whole-body dentistry. In our practice, we understand how important optimal dental health is to overall wellness. The mouth is a window into the body, and we intimately know a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Our goal is to not only help our patients keep their teeth healthy, functional and beautiful, but also sustain overall health for a lifetime.

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