Biological Periodontal Therapy
Periodontal disease, or gum disease as it is commonly called, is an inflammatory bacterial disease of the gums, bone, and supporting tissues around the teeth.  Not only is gum disease the number one cause of tooth loss, but research has also linked oral bacterial infections to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, low birth weight babies, and other chronic inflammatory health conditions. Nearly half of Americans 30 years or older have periodontal disease and it is estimated that more than 80{90f5dc2c793e733be5e1cd4422eaf5cc621b4aa6d5ed93d29afe0681fae3f875} of adults in the US have some form of gum disease.  Many people don’t even know they have it, and most of those that do, don’t take it seriously enough.

As Biological dentists, Drs. Kinney recognize the importance of treating the whole person, not just the mouth. Periodontal disease is a systemic infection that affects the whole body. The oral bacteria that cause periodontal disease enter the body through the infected gums, invade the bloodstream, and spread throughout the body.  Oral bacteria have been found in the heart, lungs, brain, and arteries.  We believe in order to eliminate periodontal disease and prevent it from coming back, you need to be healthy on the inside too, not just your mouth.

At Insight Integrative Dentistry we take an approach that attacks the disease from the outside and heals the body from the inside. We call this, Biological Periodontal Therapy, an individualized approach that begins with advanced diagnostics combining blood testing for nutritional deficiencies, diabetes and heart disease risk, toxic heavy-metals testing, OralDNA®Labs salivary testing for pathogenic bacteria and genetic susceptibility to periodontal disease, and family and personal history of risk factors.  In our office, we utilize non-surgical Laser-Ozone-Assisted Periodontal Treatment, Perio Protect Method™, and the minimally invasive Waterlase™ REPAIR® Periodontal Protocol. In addition, integrative health products are prescribed for use at home to disinfect the mouth and promote healing, including ProBioraPro™ oral probiotics, EcoNugenics® nutritional supplements, home care instruction in proper oral hygiene with the Sonicare® and HydroFloss®, and holistic home care products from CleanKiss®, Dental Herb Co.® and Essante Organics®.

Once your Biological Periodontal Therapy is completed, it is essential that you continue with daily maintenance at home along with a tailored recare program in our office that is personally designed for you to ensure a successful outcome for years to come.

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