For over 25 years, Integrative Dentistry has been our specialty. Integrative Dentistry embraces the holistic philosophy of treating the whole person, not just the disease, and incorporates the art-and-science of Biological and Bioesthetic Dentistry. In our practice, we understand how important optimal dental health is to overall wellness. Integrative Dentistry bridges the gap between naturopathic medicine and dentistry and allows us to assess your oral health from the whole-body perspective of total health and wellness. By recognizing the intimate connections between the mouth and body Drs. Kinney can tailor your individual care to specifically address the underlying causes of dental disease, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Every person is unique and Integrative Dentistry requires a personalized approach with the doctor and patient working towards fundamental mutual goals of health. An integrative dentist personifies the true meaning of the “doctor” as a teacher and our goal is to help our patients become students of their health and wellness. We believe every patient deserves the right to learn how to optimize their oral health, make wise and informed choices about treatment options, and prevent dental disease altogether.

One of the biggest issues in healthcare today is the lack of coordination between a patient’s healthcare providers. Our objective is to integrate our expertise with other allied health professionals, such as general medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, craniosacral and massage therapy, homeopathy, and nutritional counseling to improve your treatment results.

Integrative Dentistry is about more than just your teeth, gums, and smile; it couples modern dentistry’s most advanced care and state-of-the-art technologies with the best scientifically-based biological and holistic dental treatments to create an innovative, whole-body approach to oral health and wellness.

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