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From Bonding & Veneers to complex Full month rejuvenations our unique approach will help you achieve the smile and dental health you always wanted. 

Our approach will help you achieve the smile and dental health you have always wanted. The following examples are actual patients who received Bioesthetic Dentistry from Drs. Todd and Amy Kinney.

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“I am so happy I started working with Dr. Amy & Dr.Todd Insight Interactive Dental Practice. Their amazing team goes above & beyond to provide exceptional service, with years of experience and expertise in advanced clinical training to provide a holistic health center treatment. Their staff provides unique personal attention to each patient is always aware of comfort. I highly recommend Insight Dental for a tremendous dental experience. Shout out to Sally for being a fabulous Dental Assistant and making me smile today!”

Nicolle C

Dr Amy spent over an hour with me on my first visit and I felt very heard and respected. For the first time in my life I enjoyed talking with a dentist and trusted her right away. Not only did I feel honored but left sure of her approach and expertise. I’ve never liked a dentist enough to recommend-I feel no hesitation recommending Dr Amy.

Vaughn K

“Every experience with Drs Kinney has been great! I appreciate their bluntness about dental health and their attention to detail to ensure I get what I need and have healthy teeth.

Angela S

“Very caring, friendly staff who really take extra care to make sure you are safe and comfortable. For those with allergies or health issues, this is the place to go!

Ted A

“we love the wholistic approach at Dr. Kinney’s office, we come all the way from Missoula for this great care.

Missy M

“I had a bite problem caused by another dentist. I had a lot of pain in my jaw and bad head aches. Dr Todd fixed my bite and also remove some very old mercury fillings. since the work was completed 7 or 8 years ago, I haven’t had any problems. They are highly competent and I would recommend all their dental care–cleaning, fillings, crowns etc.


“complete and informative – answered my questions and gave good advice on keeping my teeth healthy

Catherine S

“As always, Dr. Todd delivers personal and detailed care.

Shawn B

“Dr Todd was very knowledgeable and meticulous. He explained every step of the way, and made sure I felt involved in what choices were made about my care plan. You can tell they hold themselves to a high moral code of care, not taking any shortcuts, and trying to help you save money wherever possible. Bonus, mercury free, and flouride free options!

Nicole T

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