Mercury- Safe Dentistry
Insight Integrative Dentistry is the first and only SMART certified mercury safe dental practice in Bozeman, Montana. Insight Integrative Dentistry is exclusively Mercury-Safe.  It is important to understand that Mercury-Free dentistry is not the same thing as Mercury-Safe dentistry.  Any dentist can claim they are mercury-free simply by choosing to no longer place mercury-amalgam fillings, and it’s usually for cosmetic reasons, not for health concerns.  Unfortunately, these dentists do not take the necessary steps to protect their patients and dental team from mercury exposure during the process.

Dr. Amy and her assistant using Smart

Mercury-Safe dentist recognizes that mercury is one of the most toxic non-radioactive elements on earth. Mercury-amalgam fillings are composed of 50{90f5dc2c793e733be5e1cd4422eaf5cc621b4aa6d5ed93d29afe0681fae3f875} mercury, a known neurotoxin that when inhaled or swallowed can irreversibly damage the nervous system and have a widespread negative impact on systemic health. There is no tolerable safe level for mercury exposure and therefore it has no place in the body, especially in your teeth. We fundamentally believe everyone should have their amalgam fillings removed for the sake of their own health.

For more information on the health risks of mercury exposure – Click here

Drs. Kinney are proud to have not placed any mercury amalgam fillings in their practice since 1997.  For over 20 years, our office has been properly equipped for Mercury-Safe Dentistry and has integrated specific safety measures, precautions, and highly effective bio-hazard protocols necessary to protect patients and staff when removing and replacing mercury-amalgam fillings.  These protocols are designed to go above and beyond the standards of dentistry to protect patients, dental staff and the environment from mercury exposure.

We use QuickSilver Scientific’s Mercury Tri Test & MerProtect® Protocol prior to removing your mercury amalgam fillings  Dr. Kinney will collaborate with your local naturopathic doctor or nutritionist to ensure your individual heavy metals detoxification program and nutritional supplements match your individual physiology and personal health status for optimal results.

Our office strictly adheres to the guidelines developed by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, and Huggins-Grube Applied Healing. These precautions always include using a non-latex dental dam and oxygen supply for the patient, proper PPEs, including respirators and surgical gowns for the patient and dental team, a specialized vacuum and air filtration system equipped with mercury filters designed to capture any aerosolized mercury particles and gas vapors created during the removal process, and a mercury amalgam separator that removes mercury-amalgam from the wastewater before it escapes into our local streams, rivers and groundwater.

Mercury revisions with Ceramic Inlays

Upper Left Before & After

Onlays and Crowns by Dr. Todd A. Kinney

Upper Right Before & After

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