Toothache is like a bad surprise no one wants. It erupts anytime and catches you unguarded, even if you have just visited your dentist a couple of weeks ago.

Why do my teeth hurt? This is the first thing you are going to ask yourself when the sharp pain is making it difficult for you to eat, work, or do anything, for that matter. The answer could be anything, right from having a broken tooth to infection, gum disease to teeth sensitivity problems.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

While there are many home remedies for tooth pain that may provide you with temporary respite, you need to get dental services in Bozeman for a permanent solution. The dentist will understand the root cause of the problem and formulate a treatment plan.

With that said, let’s take a look at the reasons that cause toothache:

Cavity/Tooth Decay

A dental cavity is generally considered the most common reason for the throbbing pain in tooth. In most cases, poor oral hygiene becomes the cause of cavities. When you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, a small hole is created in your tooth. It becomes larger and grows deeper with the passage of time.

Apart from poor oral hygiene, the high intake of sugary foods is another major reason for cavities.

The problem with cavities is that they are hardly noticeable initially. Therefore, taking the right action at the very start is often not possible. However, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible if you have noticed cavities. Leaving them untreated can result in tooth infection. You may also lose your tooth.

Tooth Injury/Trauma

Needless to say, an injury or trauma to the face can result in toothache. For example, a bad fall or an accident may break, partially chip, or knock out a tooth. Even if it’s not painful, it’s recommended to see a doctor at the earliest as this situation can worsen in the later stages.

Abscessed Tooth

Also called the “pulp chamber”, it is basically an infection that occurs within the tooth. This infection reaches the tip of the root and results in swollen gums and severe pain. Furthermore, it may even cause bone loss.

There can be numerous reasons that can lead to an abscessed tooth. These include dental crown getting very close to the pulp chamber, cavity reaching the chamber, and trauma. Its common symptoms include:

  • Swelling of the gums
  • Severe pain that doesn’t go away even after taking OTC medicines.
  • Darkness/redness of the gyms

An abscessed tooth requires urgent care; therefore, see your dentist without wasting time.

Gum Diseases

Gum disease can also result in unbearable tooth pain. There are different types of gum diseases; however, Gingivitis and periodontitis happen to be the most common among them.

Poor dental hygiene, such as not brushing or flossing teeth regularly, results in plaque build-up. This is also the major cause of gum diseases. When you do not take proper care of your oral hygiene, bacteria will make your gums bleed and swell. You may not feel discomfort initially. However, leaving gum diseases untreated can lead to tooth loss.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are many other causes why your upper or booth teeth hurt. It is important to consult the best dentist to get urgent care for tooth pain.

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