Have you ever wondered why most toothpaste available to use contains “fluoride’ as an active component? This is due to the fact that fluoride has proven to be helpful in improving oral health and the prevention of various dental disorders. It is basically a naturally-occurring mineral that assists in rebuilding enamel. Besides that, it can also reverse the initial symptoms of tooth decay as well.

Due to its abundant benefits, dentists recommend using toothpaste that contains fluoride.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

A dental fluoride treatment is a procedure in which fluoride is applied to the teeth. It basically leverages the abundant benefits of fluoride to help patients have healthy teeth and optimal oral health. The treatment lasts for a few minutes only and may help you avoid painful visits to the dentist in the long run as it prevents many teeth-related diseases.

Let’s find out more about this treatment and its benefits:

What is the Process of Treatment?

The process of fluoride treatment for teeth is rather simple and straightforward. They apply fluoride, in the form of foam, varnish, or gel, to the teeth using a brush or swab. In some cases, it’s placed in a tray. The patient has to hold this tray in their mouth for a couple of minutes.

When Can I Eat After Fluoride Treatment?

As per fluoride treatment aftercare guidelines, it is recommended not to eat or drink anything for a minimum of 30 minutes post-treatment. It gives your teeth enough time to fully absorb the fluoride.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes, it’s a safe procedure. However, if you have a rare case of fluoride allergy, this treatment is not suitable for you.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment:

Some of the major benefits of getting this treatment include:

  • It assists the body to use minerals in a better way. With the help of this treatment, our teeth are able to reabsorb calcium, phosphate, and other minerals to repair tooth enamel.
  • This strengthens the enamel during the development phase, thereby making them less prone to cavities and bacteria, even in the later stages.
  • Fluoride has the potential to slow down, even reverse, the onset of cavities. It does so by destroying the bacteria that are responsible for cavities. And as this treatment fixes cavities on teeth, there’s a reduced chance of suffering from other oral health issues, such as gum disease, toothache, and premature loss of teeth.
  • As this helps in the development of healthy teeth, you won’t have to spend money on expensive dental treatments every now and then.
  • Due to regular fluoride treatments, you will have clean and healthy teeth. This will help you flaunt your million-dollar smile with confidence and panache.

Final Words

To sum it up, there are many benefits of fluoride treatment. This is why it is recommended to visit your dentist in Bozeman once every 6 months to get this treatment. Some people, who are more prone to developing tooth decay, are also prescribed to use an antibacterial or a fluoride mouthwash.

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