Oral Health for Every Body

You’ve heard plenty about the importance of daily flossing and brushing along with with regular dental visits to help keep your teeth healthy. But good oral health is a gateway to much more, and a growing body of scientific evidence is proving that dental health predicts and reflects your general health.You’re making healthier food choices for yourself and your family; cutting out processed foods high in sugar and partially hydrogenated oils; buying locally grown, sustainable, and organic produce; and ditching white bread for whole grains or gluten free. But have you thought about the mouth you’re putting those healthy foods into?

The Mouth-Body Connection

The mouth is seen as a window into the body, and a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Your mouth and its related structures provide two of the most basic functions absolutely necessary for life: breathing and eating. A disease-free and biologically functional mouth that lasts a lifetime is essential for a healthy diet and sustained wellness, lasting natural beauty, comfort and vitality.

The latest medical research strongly suggests that many general health problems share common links to the diseases found in the mouth and require an integrative approach to care. Dental problems like tooth decay, root canal infections, gum disease, toxic dental materials, TMJ and sleep apnea have been linked to numerous chronic health issues ranging from diabetes, heart and lung disease, impaired neuro-cognitive function and even cancer. Take it to heart, literally – a health mouth will not only increase your quality of life, but also your longevity.

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