Integrative dentistry is a progressively unique approach to dental care that is worth chewing on. In medicine, doctors and patients alike are embracing a holistic philosophy designed to treat the person, not just the disease. Integrative dentistry bridges the gap between medicine and dentistry.

Recognizing the intimate connections between dental health and systemic health allows interdisciplinary care to be tailored to specifically address the underlying causes of disease, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Integrative dentistry is about more than just your teeth and gums; it couples modern dentistry’s most comprehensive treatments, advanced techniques and state of the art technologies with the best scientifically-based holistic principles and clinical practices to create an innovative, whole-body approach to oral health and overall wellness.

Based on a biological understanding of how an optimally healthy mouth looks, feels, functions and interacts with the rest of the body, integrative dentistry focuses on biocompatible materials and their influence on the immune system, nutritional support for maintaining oral and physiological health, focal oral infection and toxin elimination from the whole body, and the direct influence of the three-dimensional relationships between the teeth, bones, muscles, joints, airway, neck and spine and the entire body.

Dental Disease is preventable and, in most cases, reversible, if the fundamental causes of diseases are addressed with a whole-person approach – body, mind and spirit. Integrative dentistry is conservative and the aim is to be minimally invasive, yet appropriately active.

This allows patients to choose lasting, biocompatible and functionally sustainable treatment solutions to restore optimal health. Once health is returned, effective and practical preventative strategies can then be individually designed to support oral health.

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